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Our world can be divided into eight distinct biomes.  Biomes, a term coined in 1967 by pioneer environmentalist Dr. Deitrich Malinger, are ecological "districts" that have a distinct climate and topography. Not only does each biome look and feel different, each Biome is also the habitat of a distinct set of plant and animal life.

It is very important to understand biomes and the life each biome supports in order to fully grasp the importance of protecting all of the earth's assets. It is estimated that every four seconds on this planet, a species of plant or animal goes extinct. So over the course of a year, we lose potentially billions of dollars in unharvested animal meat and pelts, undiscovered fruits and salad ingredients, and unrealized botanical drugs. Only by protecting and managing each biome properly, we can reverse this wasteful trend and successfully reap the financial benefits of operating a healthy and successful planet.

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